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Donnalea Van Vleet Goelz, RSMT RSME

Donnalea Van Vleet Goelz, PhD candidate (2015), RSMT, RSME, is executive director of Continuum Movement, a worldwide organization of somatic teachers, founded by Emilie Conrad-Daoud. She is also the founder and owner of Cobalt Moon Center, a center for integrative health in Neptune Beach, Florida, a Registered Somatic Movement Therapist (2002) and Registered Somatic Movement Educator (2002), an authorized Continuum teacher (1998), and a T’ai Chi Instructor (1990). She is a graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing where she served as senior faculty, as Dean of the third year class in the US and Europe. She is also certified to be a Brennan Integration Practitioner, a graduate degree at BBSH that incorporates psychology and the human energy field. Other certifications include Object Relational Psychotherapy from Center for Intentional Living and Kabalistic Healing from the Society of Souls. She has an extensive training in Dance (Ballet, modern, African) and Technical Dance Movement of Irmgard Bartenieff and Frances Cott. She teaches workshops nationally and internationally in Continuum, Tai Chi, and healing arts. Donnalea is also on the faculty of The Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California. Currently she is pursuing her PhD in Somatic Psychology at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. 

Cobalt Moon Center
Traveling and teaching nationally and internationally, Ms Goelz developed a desire to bring together a unique space that would facilitate holistic health in her hometown. From this inspiration, Cobalt Moon was created to:

1. Provide a space for people to come together and work towards a more healthful way of life.

2. Bring together many healing modalities so practitioners can work together to create a healing team for the benefit of the individual.

3. Provide advanced and cutting edge work in the world of health and healing.

Contact Cobalt Moon at 904-246-2131 for more information, or email her at [email protected] .

For information on Barbara Brennan/Brennan Healing Science click here , or call 800-924-2564.

For information on Continuum click here , or visit website: Continuum Movement .

For information on Society of Souls click here , or call 973-538-7689.

For information on The Esalen Institute fo to

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